There’s a room I don’t wish to revisit. Its genesis was my coming of age; it’s ending a mattress in the dark and the shadow of the wings of the Nephilim.  I have no desire to go back into that darkness where he can find me again, and carve his name on my pristine flesh.  Expose the weakness that lies at my very heart.

Shadow of his Wings

Shadow of his Wings

I’ve been running from this for so long.  Long years when I kept it packaged away tightly in one of those compartments of my mind that my father taught me to find so long ago when teaching me how to be a proper empath.  I lie to myself, tell myself that it’s gone but the truth is it has permeated everything I have done these past years.  My dreams, my relationships.  I was stupid and careless.  I was young and wanted to be like everyone else.  To keep on feeling pretty.

I was a fool, in short.


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