There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west

..and my spirit is crying for leaving.

Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven. Probably the one song I can sing word for word when sozzled.

But there is a lady I know whose spirit is is gold, who is leaving us. She’s fought, she’s lingered, and I think she needs to follow that spirit that lies on the whispering wind. She’s loved, she’s lost and she’s loved. In a life, that’s all we can ask for.

When she goes, she’ll take him with her. The little brown chestnut that is my father. I know that’s life; that the choices he has made and the life he embraced have brought us to this. Is it serendipity that brings them both so close to the end together? I am surmising, his prognosis is far from sure.

All I can give them is another’s words, my blessing in effect, to let go.

‘Your head is humming and it won’t go in case you don’t know

The piper’s calling you to join him

Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow and did you know?

You stairway lies on the whispering way.’


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