Lost at Sea

Him Underfoot and I have just returned from a week in Whitby, during which the bi-annual goth festival was taking place.  A great time was had by all (antique dog included – very dog friendly flat just up from a beach); however reality bites now as we are dragged back down into our normal routine and the frightening spectre of Christmas just around the corner.

It really is like stepping out of time (and in some cases, space) into a different world. Alice kicked into a Burton-esque Wonderland (or perhaps Betelgeuse). We met some wonderful people – including a puppet called Wolfie, saw some great live bands, wore very silly footwear that left me hobbling and ate / drank enough to have my gall bladder aching from here to eternity. The American Diner on Flowergate was particularly good for hangover breakfasts and pink milkshakes, though we tended towards Java as the dog was allowed to join us.

Myself, Patricia & Wolfie get acquainted

Myself, Patricia & Wolfie get acquainted

We also did a little shopping, with some of the stalls selling some very striking original and somewhat esoteric work. Unfortunately a great deal of it was out of my price bracket so I had to content myself with updating my Fetishman collection, by the charming Dr Geof.  I also bought a walking staff (stick?) as a gift for my step-dad, topped with obsidian that made me come over a little bit Gandalf on Sunday morning (YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!). The traders, Needwood Tree (in the Leisure Centre), were friendly and happy to talk about how they made it, what the obsidian head signified etc. This was quite refreshing, as many of the other traders in the Centre treated us as if we were grime beneath their pointy boot heels.  I’ve never encountered this before, in 10 years of Whitby Goth Weekend  visiting. It was particularly notable with the clothing retailers – I was interested in items at 2 stalls but couldn’t attract the attention of the sellers (one of whom actually turned her back on us when I showed interest in an annoyingly unpriced choker, the other who stood in front of the t-shirt dress I was interested in with his arms folded like a giant slab of gobbed up steak). Ok, I appreciate it was Sunday morning, the last day of a long weekend and people were flagging but some traders were down right rude.

The creatives were in general  more friendly (gorgeous inks in the corner of the Leisure Centre, had to walk away before I came home with an expensive beardy warrior). My lovely husband bought me a beautiful illustrated book by Jenna Whyte (in the Spa), who was just lovely and signed it for me. The Illustrated Guide to the Elements is quite delightful, taking the periodic table and spinning it on it’s steampunk head.  Her prints are exquisite, and I also managed to leave with her lovely print of Kassandra the prophetess.

In musical terms I loved Bad Pollyanna – for some reason WordPress isn’t letting me show You Tube videos properly so you’ll just have to follow the link and believe me! Invincible Girl is incredible.

I had a wonderful time, though post Whitby slumpage has now hit. I’ve been particularly lazy when it comes to being creative – today is the first day in over 2 weeks I’ve had to myself and I’ve crashed and burned. No shortage of ideas but a definite increase in procrastination on settee central! Here’s to next year, and another fabulous week with wonderful people, wonderful food and superb music.