Hell, why not? What else is birthday money for?! I’m also sitting her in a major panic about the short story reading tonight at the Lit & Phil. My trial runs have not been very successful; however it is a useful lesson to a rookie writer to remember that at some point you may be required to read your work out loud so try it at least once at the drafting stage to ensure it does not sound pretentious (and that you can pronounce those big words you love so much!).

Anyhow, I am an April Fool. I spent a rather nice day with my mum, step-dad and aunty in Newcastle, being people-that-lunch. My mum and step dad bought me the cutest charm for my charm bracelet – a silver skull from Hammonds of Whitby. Aunty kindly gave me some money, as did my Big Bro (in the form of a Gothic Shop voucher).  The lovely husband had a system going live at work on my actual birthday, so took me out on Saturday and bought me a gorgeous, delicate locket with a smokey quartz stone which I am intending to wear tonight.

I’m obviously on the jewellery trail, as I couldn’t decide between 2 Alchemy Gothic pieces. Naturally I ended up with both…the path of least resistance is the one I will always follow! Birthday monies all committed, I fell for this lovely choker:


Westnera Choker: license to self impale!

Westnera Choker: license to self impale!

And then because I liked it I also ended up with the Twilight bracelet. Now I certainly am no fan of Twilight, but I did like this (the earrings are pretty nifty too, but I do have some restraint, honest!).


Shiny pretty moony things

Shiny pretty moony things

So, I’m now off to iron my shirt for tonight, and do another (painful) read through for my bored audience of one grumpy dog. Seriously considering gin! And must hide the credit card…


6 thoughts on “Indulgence

  1. Ohhh, we certainly can’t blame you for falling for “shiny,pretty, moony things”… after all… who could resist them? 🙂 Both are beautiful! It seems like you had a very enjoyable birthday 🙂

  2. Where is the Lit & Phil? I’m thinking of Whitby? My roots are from Whitby. Twice I’ve been ask to read out my work and twice I’ve lost my nerve. I keep telling myself next time I will. I know I must overcome my fear because there will come a time when I must. You can read one of my stories on the Harrogate Crime Writing festival site, You’re Booked in their ‘Joys of Reading’ section. It’s called ‘Roofscapes’

    • Thanks for stopping by Paula, much appreciated.

      The Lit & Phil is (to give it the full title) The Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle, the largest private library in the UK outside of London and just an awesome place to mooch in. They support small local presses and often host readings.

      I’ll be honest, I was terrified (and must do an update post, I was hoping to get some pics from Red Squirrel Press). I’m not a comfortable public speaker, though I often give presentations for work. The first one I did (in my local library), I thought I was going to vomit I was so nervous (and 60 people turned up!!! Not for me, but local author Peter Mortimer, who was hosting the event). I’d been advised by a lovely local author Kitty Fitzgerald to focus on a point at the back of the room just above the audience’s head, and it really did help.

      At the Lit & Phil, the audience was mostly my family, and other people being published as winners of the Red Squirrel Press short story competition (just launched for this year), and it was much more relaxed (free wine helped!). Everyone was so nice, and asked really thoughtful questions, and afterwards I felt like I was walking on air. If you can overcome the nerves I wholly recommend it.

      I love Whitby, visit at least once a year (usually goth festival in Nov), must be an amazing place to live / have a proper connection to. I will definitely look up your story. 🙂

      • My husband and I go to the Goth Festival twice a year. We shall be there the end of this month. I promise you I shall overcome my fears. It has taken me this long to find out I can write and get published so I’m sure I will be able to stand up and talk about my passion, writing. Is there anywhere I can read your work?

  3. Persephone, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

    It was nice to spend time with my family, and they spoilt me rotten. The jewellery was a tad indulgent, but has arrived and is lovely, though the bracelet is rather chunky (I have teeny wrists).

    Back to reality now, and ever onwards with work. Sigh….!

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