So, I leave work on Thursday. World Goth Day, which seems appropriate. Corp goth outfit primed, though admittedly I can barely walk in my Banned pencil skirt which appears pleasing to Him Underfoot!

Legs aren't mine!

Legs aren’t mine!

As the day approaches I can feel the stress beginning to lift from my body. Yes, I’m still living an unhealthy life, yes I have no idea what I’m doing – all I can say is that this feels like the right decision at the right time. It’s the strangest thing, having my own future for once in my hands. After 21 years of employed work I can just step back, breathe and focus on doing what I want for at least 6 months. It feels unreal. It feels like dawn breaking through the night sky.

I’ve been looking at fragments of short stories that I’ve drafted and not yet developed, and it’s like there’s this yearning in them to break away. My lost souls are my own, fragmented, scared – ghosts even. I want to give them voice, spend some time letting them go. Finding out where I’m supposed to go.

To my rational mind this sounds like wishy washy clap trap. To my exhausted body and soul it sounds like an approximation of heaven.

Thursday can’t come soon enough.



3 thoughts on “Dawn

  1. Love both the dress AND the attitude! I don’t think you sound wishy-washy or clap-trappy at all… you sound like someone who AT LAST sees the light at the end of the tunnel, or the island in the middle of the ocean you’ve been stranded in, and your heart is singing for joy.

    For once, this is an appropriate comment: “Happy Thursday!!!!” 🙂

  2. I think I’ll take the camera on Thursday, though that may be a mistake!!! I literally found myself skipping around the streets yesterday (it helped that we had rare sunshine) feeling like a kid again. Then I bought a new corset – my last frivolous purchase before self inflicted poverty!

    • Hey, you might as well start off your “new life” with a bang! And make sure you wear that corset soon to something important. 🙂

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