Busy Bee

Must do a proper post re: leaving work, etc…but life is a little busy right now. Friday entailed hangover recovery mode / manic panic house cleaning mode as my family arrived for the weekend to spend some time with our older relatives who haven’t been well. Very sweet night out; again hangover engaged yesterday. The unhealthy living continues apace.  Today we are off to sit in the woods, followed by a funeral of a dear friend’s mum tomorrow and a 2 day wake (yup, MORE beer and food – my liver is turning into pate). The pic was taken on Saturday night, my Aunty reckons I looked very prim in m Victorian blouse!

Him Underfoot, plus oneself looking 'prim'!

Him Underfoot, plus oneself looking ‘prim’!

So my new life officially begins on Thursday, when Him Underfoot returns to work. Will be looking at restructuring some of the blog for practical reasons, plus moving it over to Breakingtheangel.com, a domain purchased some time ago but never activated. Planning a large wardrobe sort out and have realised that my Hell Bunny / Spin Doctor frock lust must be contained now I have zero income.

After one last frock, possibly, maybe…?!


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