I woke today with an itch to scratch. A writing itch, which is a good sign. This week has found me mostly in recovery mode, curtains closed in the House of No Seasons and the world locked out of my peripheral vision. It’s also found me sleeping like a child for the first time in 4 years which is a pretty awesome place to be. My body is relishing the 8 hours plus sleep per night after existing on 5-6 (if lucky) for so long.

Yesterday I packed up my work clothes into storage, and looked at my wardrobe, and just…smiled. It’s full of jeans & tees, sure, and as ever there is an abundance of cardigans. But no corporate uniform anymore. Lots of gothic goodness that I can now wear on a daily basis without contravening some arbitrary staff rulebook.

Scratching that word itch (image: Dave McKean)

Scratching that word itch (image: Dave McKean)

This week has done exactly what I needed it to do – cleared the decks to allow me to focus and plan today what I want to achieve next. Firstly I am going to paint my nails fire engine red in a futile attempt to stop me biting them. Then I am going to apply them to the keyboard to rework the opening paragraph of my short story Sister Vampire for critical submission in June, followed by a spell working to finish the first draft of Poison Prince by the end of June. It’s currently at 32k words and needs to be 80 – 90k by this stage. Given that I used to write 35k fund reports in 9 working days, this IS achievable and kind of my own mini NaNoWriMo moment.

July is dedicated to developing the concepts & characters for The Language of Flowers, the working title for book no 3. I have a heap of research to complete, involving ectoplasm, Victorian funeral rites, saying it with flowers and my local version of Bedlam. Fun times! At the end I trot off to Moniack Mhor with Arvon where hopefully these vague concepts will begin to form a more coherent picture and draft.

But first there’s this wardrobe reworking to complete, and a bit of fun to be had with the lovely Sophisticated Noir’s Red & Black challenge next week. When I first read the concept I was a bit ‘hmmm…’, thinking I had no red in my wardrobe. However, I’d completely forgotten 2 perfect frocks and the whole concept has made me look far more creatively at my existing wardrobe contents and what I can do with them.

Enough for now, time to go scratch that itch!


3 thoughts on “Itch

  1. How exciting!! I wish you much success with your writing, and LOTS of fun and joy while doing it!

    I bit my nails for years!! Finally got out of the habit, but only after wearing tips for a long time… you can’t bite those, it just doesn’t work! So I recommend them if the polish alone doesn’t do the trick.

    • I just applied Ruby nail polish. It was soooo funny, looked like a 6 year old had cherry bombed my finger tips! Been getting into the red and black mode, with mixed results….!

      I also wandered off script today and worked on the name sake of this blog, my first novel which I’ve never seriously considered publishing as its a labour of love rather than intended for public consumption – but there’s an open call out with a UK publisher in that field so I am going to give it a whirl.


      • Red and black, good colors… 😉

        And good luck with the publishing!! I agree, give it a shot, why not??

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