Red & Black: Day 1: The odd chandelier!

Thanks to the lovely Victorian Kitty at Sophisticated Noir for making me re-evaluate and examine my wardrobe, for the theme of Red & Black week.

I rarely wear red – or at least that’s what I thought – so believed I’d struggle with this, my first mutual blog participation thingie. Then I had a good clear out of my previous corp uniform and came across this beautiful dress I’d forgotten about, the Seth dress by Hell Bunny:

Hell Bunny Seth frockage

Hell Bunny Seth frockage

Him Underfoot was very happy to assist in the photography as I pranced about like a stumpy pony in my study, managing to avoid doing anything constructive whatsoever. I adore the print on this dress, spiders, stars and rather randomly – chandeliers.

Seth dress - fabric

Seth dress – fabric

Sitting on the dog’s people watching chair:

Butter wouldn't melt - SNORT!

Butter wouldn’t melt – SNORT!

I’ve had a lot of fun rummaging in boxes and rediscovering old favourites – the bag was a gift from my best friend and is covered in tiny skulls (as are my earrings – will do an accessories post later this week). Boots are my lovely Doctor Martin Darcies. I’d originally bought this dress for Halloween in Whitby last year but never wore it as I’m a little unsure about halter necks (and their public bosom security properties…!).

It’s lovely to have the time and space to take part in this challenge – I’m not particularly fashionable or photogenic, but it is nice to take some of the beautiful dresses I have out of storage to wear on a more regular basis and to truly appreciate them – time to say out with the dowdy. Hope everyone else is having as much fun with this as me!

(she says, now off to don hiking boots and jeans to rummage about in the woods for the day!).



8 thoughts on “Red & Black: Day 1: The odd chandelier!

  1. Such a cute look, I love that print!
    It may sound weird, but the cleavage is absolutely fine and halter necks are flattering on basically anyone, especially if you have some curves…;)

    • Ah, thank you. I do have curves, and do worry sometimes about spillage! Him Underfoot thinks that’s a shame! I think my worry is also the back – I have to wear a bra and you can see the straps, which isn’t particularly attractive – hence the cardy.

      And thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.

  2. I’m so glad you found a suitable Red & Black item in your closet, and what an adorable piece it is!! You look phenomenal in it. The halter is DEFINITELY gorgeous on you (I agree about the bra thing, though – I hate halter bras because they make my neck ache unless I keep the strap so loose as to be useless). Personally, I think you are very photogenic, so keep the outfit posts coming! 🙂

    • aw, thank you. You didn’t see the discards – and the art of the selfie is beyond me as I suspect my next post may demonstrate! I am definitely intending to wear that dress more this summer, though I think it will be my only halter neck purchase.

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