Red & Black: Day 2 – The Lust List

Firstly, apologies to those who’ve stopped by to say hi – I’ve been happily reading your blog posts but I am having great difficulty posting comments to Blogger hosted blogs and don’t wish to comment-bomb anyone, so am hanging fire before attempting again. But here we are on day two of Red & Black week.

Today I am feeling somewhat scraggy of form, so no pics of me.  However, I have recently been lusting over some very nice (and frankly unaffordable) gothic items that are also red, so here is a summary of my current lust list:

Firstly there is this frankly stupendous steampunk corset from Corsets-UK:

Kick Ass Victorian Babe-Hood!

Kick Ass Victorian Babe-Hood!

I am no Xena, but this would look amazing on someone more warrior princess than me. That said, it’s an amazing price, reduced from £95 to £35 in their sale – naturally not in my size.  Grumble…  I do have one of their underbust corsets and it is stunning, excellent quality.  I am an utter convert to their gorgeousness. Go visit Corsets-UK and groan at the loveliness.  There’s an entire red section right here.

Then there’s Alchemy Gothic. I’m a bit wary of their jewellery as I am quite petite and it can be quite overpowering on my frame. Their pieces are very generously sized.  But they have one piece – the Faith & Love necklace – in their most recent collection that’s chewing on my non-rational brain:

Him Underfoot: Take Note!

Him Underfoot: Take Note!

I’ve been eying this up in my local gothic jewellers and it’s just the right size. Alas I am poor!

Then there’s my all consuming obsession with Hell Bunny frocks. In particular, the Adare. Absolutely beautiful dress, cute print and pretty corset detail, this is currently no 1 on my clothing wish list:

Haunted house frockage: it's all a bit Poe dearies

Haunted house frockage: it’s all a bit Poe dearies

I could go on.  And on and on. There’s the Sadie Doc Martins. There’s the Hell Bunny Millie coat. Several Spiral Direct tops. Barry M’s sparkly cherry lip gloss that is basically the holy grail of lip glosses and permanently sold out everywhere I look (though they always have a tester, the swines).

I need a lie down in a darkened room now. Til tomorrow, folks!


13 thoughts on “Red & Black: Day 2 – The Lust List

  1. The world is full of pretty things; my ‘going on sabbatical’ pressie to myself two weeks ago was a silver grey and black underbust corset from them. Just lovely. So really cannot justify any more and wish I could scrub the memory of that shop’s existence out of my mind 🙂

    • and alas some of us decided that being an impoverished creative was far more preferable than having a paying job a month ago…! Still, it gives me a reason to wear what I actually own instead of just looking at it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • It is rather lovely – I’ve just set up an Ebay selling marathon to try to generate some funds for it.

      Lucretia, my dear, I have been trying to leave a comment on your most recent post (which made me splutter tea on my keyboard) but for some reason Blogger has stopped me leaving comments on any of it’s blogs which is beyond frustrating. I’ve been typing in comments merrily here there and all over – and poof! Disappeared into the aether. Grrrrr….

      • I think Blogspot and WordPress must be having a civil war… or would that be a War Between the .Coms??? Anyway, I can totally believe the frustration! And it’s annoying for ME because I love comments and hate not getting them, especially from people I like. But now that I know I made you splutter, I feel better about it. 😉

        Good luck with the e-Bay auctions!!

  2. Augh, I have the worst time commenting on Blogger posts from iPad or iPhone. It takes at least 10 minutes per comment due to all the hang ups and tech difficulties. That’s the main reason I early comebt on blogs anymore – my lunch hour is just about the only free time I have to read blogs, and I’m not allowed to do so from my work computer, so my person devises are the only option. 😦 I wish Blogger/Google would fix that!!

    That corset is mind-blowing, and much less expensive than I thought it would be considering it’s obviously high quality!

    • Just one, please don’t worry (unlike myself over on your blog earlier in the week). I’ve been trying a range of things to overcome the commenting issues – it seems completely random as blogs I’ve been commenting on for ages suddenly won’t let me. Grrrrrr!

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