Red & Black Day 3: The Brooch

Day 3 of Red and Black week and today I’m wearing a brooch which combines both black, red and white.

I possess exactly 3 brooches. In truth, I sometimes struggle to know how to wear them although I think they are rather splendid items of jewellery.  I have a beautiful antique cameo given to me by my aunty and 2 from my favourite jewellers in the cosmos – W. Hamond of Whitby. They specialise in jet and amber pieces, many set in silver (my preferred metal).  The workshop also restores antique jet and makes the occasional one off piece.  One of my pieces is a beautiful oxidised silver brooch in an ornate setting decorated with opals and teardrop garnets, it is very delicate (about 2 inches long) and I absolutely love it.

Garnet & Opal Brooch

Garnet & Opal Brooch

This was a gift from Him Underfoot to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary last Halloween when we were at Whitby Goth Festival.  Hamond is conveniently situated at the foot of the Abbey steps in a beautiful shop that just happens to be seconds from the flat we stay in. It’s become a bit of a tradition for HU to buy me a gift from there on our visits, which started with very pretty amber and turquoise beaded bracelets.

The trouble with brooches is they rather demand formal wear to show them off to their full advantage. I was therefore very happy to snap up this Spin Doctor  Lavelle blouse on Ebay for a whole £4, which has the perfect neckline for a brooch:

The art of the selfie is beyond this white eyeballed wonder!

The art of the selfie is beyond this white eyeballed , slap headed wonder!

This is not the best picture of me – selfies really do boggle my head and having short arms doesn’t help the perspective! Also, I’m having a pretty rough week with allergic reactions so no makeup allowed until the swelling in my throat abates (caused rather surprisingly by a reaction to anti-nail biting polish and my tendency to – er – bite my nails regardless. What a buffoon). It also doesn’t really show my brooch off, but you get the gist. It also looks very nice on a high neck cream Victorian style blouse I have.

My 3rd brooch is a beautiful and delicate jet and silver affair which my mum bought me when she was in Whitby, and I tend to wear it on a black velvet coat I have. It’s here with my two jet necklaces (the silver bound heart another anniversary pressie which I wear virtually all the time, and the jet dot set in marcasite   is my leaving gift from work 2 weeks ago and is absolutely lovely.

Hammond loveliness

Hammond loveliness

I don’t buy that much jewellery so these pieces mean a great deal to me (yup, I can be a sentimental old biddy) and I’m intending to wear them much more now I am free from the shackles of corporate dressing.

Now off to replenish my body’s supply of antihistamines and settle down to a day’s book editing (my least favorite task). Before I go here’s an older pic of me wearing my lovely cameo. It’s technically outside the theme of the day and a little blurry but I do love it 🙂

Shiny hair!

Shiny Red Hair! Does that count?!

Til tomorrow.


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