Red & Black Day 4: Habitat Interlude

Wow! Day 4 already. This time last week I didn’t even know I would be taking part in Victorian Kitty’s Red & Black week – and it’s been a blast.

My allergies are much better today, though I had an unfortunate skin incident after that last post – the moisturiser I’ve used for years turned my face into one angry boiled freckle.  It’s calming down now, but on balance I’ve decided to make this a post that reflects my habitat (particularly my new working environment) as there was a surprising amount of red & black in the mix when I opened my eyes.

Firstly, my desk. A gift from Him Underfoot, it’s a practical thing which I also find beautiful, though I admit I am hiding it’s beauty under a bushel (well, check cloth!) because I am so paranoid of damaging the surface.

Shirkers paradise

Shirkers paradise

Yup, that is a Tardis next to my printer! The chair was a back lane find many years ago, and reclines, making it the most wonderful reading spot.  That is not necessarily conducive to my writing!

Inspiration Corner

Inspiration Corner

I keep several books on my desk to use as writing prompts if I get a little stuck. This Complete Tales of Edgar Allan Poe is a beautiful book which I bought alongside The Night Circus when I won £100 of book tokens with a short story. I don’t usually buy either new or hard back books as they are expensive, so these were an absolute treat. The Night Circus is also the best debut novel I have ever read, a beautifully woven magical realism homage to the circus. Everything within the circus is in shades of monochrome, except for the vibrant red of one girl’s hair. The design of the book follows this pattern and it is one of those books that is just a joy to hold. Lurking at the top is my H.P. Lovecraft collection , a gift from Him Underfoot.  The Poe & the Lovecraft are my go-to inspiration – I often read a short story in them, pick out the themes, and then rework them in my own way to get me writing. It’s produced some interesting results.

I also have an love of beautiful notebooks as I often write long hand – particularly for first draft short stories or to flesh characters out. These 2 are Moleskines, and honestly, I could bankrupt myself buying these objects of desire.  One is the Targaryen notebooks, taken from their Game of Thrones series and this one travels about with me and has visited most coffee shops in Newcastle! The second is a newbie, destined for my Scotland retreat next month and is taken from the Hobbit.  Inside there are various beautifully scripted passages from the book.

Here be Dragons!

Here be Dragons!

I would be lost without endless cups of Earl Grey tea, and for that pleasure I have this cute little teapot my mum bought me, and my Penguin Classic mug to keep me company.

Earl Grey: sustaining bad prose daily

Earl Grey: sustaining bad prose daily

And let’s be honest – my study is never normally this tidy!  Swivel the camera round and it turns into a student bedsit, complete with Him Underfoot’s cyber wig which for some inexplicable reason now lives on my shelves:

Amazed the floor hasn't caved in...

Amazed the floor hasn’t caved in…

Finally, when I returned from walking Miss Sally today I noticed the first of my oriental poppies has flowered.  Whilst everyone else’s gardens have the orange variety, mine are a beautiful blood red and a joy to behold:

Poppy Beautiful

Poppy Beautiful

See you tomorrow, for an outfit post, yay!


7 thoughts on “Red & Black Day 4: Habitat Interlude

  1. I’m excited to see a few people delving into non-fashion posts as the week progresses. It’s always a delight to see such variety into posts, and to catch a glimpse into other parts of a blogger’s world! I’m drooling over your Poe book, and in awe over that resplendent poppy!

    • I’d been eying that book up for weeks, then when I won the vouchers it was like being dropped into book lovers paradise. It was first on the list – my only quibble with it is that the paper is quite thin so I have to be quite gentle with it.

      A second poppy burst out through the rain today and they are so lovely – the front garden had a roof dropped on it last year when we re-slated it and I’d worried they’d have been wiped out. Note to self – must weed garden…!

  2. I LOVE those blood red poppies!!! And I think the wig gives your shelves a rather jaunty look, don’t you?? Not to mention a nice pop of color! 😉

    • You should see me wearing it…I definitely don’t have the cyber look! It’s quite spectacular seeing Paul in it though, when wearing his platform boots he suddenly becomes about 6 foot 6. Given that I am 5 foot tall and tend to wear flats it is – I am told – a very amusing sight to see us walking down the street together!

  3. I love poppies! I grow several types in my garden. My alpine and Icelandic poppies have started to bloom, I’m still waiting on my oriental ones!

  4. Your Inspiration Corner could be mine! Loved the Night Circus, I read Lovecraft if I want to be up all night ^_^, and am a 2nd generation Poe fanatic! I don’t currently have a blog, I bounced over from Goth Gardening. I have red poppies also but mine are the frilly kind that look like balls of red instead of cups.

    • Thanks for stopping by, you are most welcome 🙂

      Can’t believe I wrote this post almost a year ago. My poppies are just coming into bud now, and have some purple friends joining them this year.

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