Red & Black Day 5: Comfort

After a night besieged by insomnia I’ve headed for the comfort closet today.  I have to run some errands today and the north east coast is particularly soggy, so a weather appropriate outfit is called for.

So I’ve opted for skinny black jeans (Oasis Petites) and long sleeved tee, complimented by my absolute favourite ox-blood red Doc Martins – the pinnacle of foot comfort. I really got lucky with these at the awesome Scorpio Shoes in Newcastle – last in the range, size 3, half price. I was supposed to be buying new work shoes at the time…but this shop is beyond seductive.

My Cherry beauties

My Cherry beauties

My top is by a local retailer, Doc Black, who sell some wonderful frocks but also have their own t-shirt line which is both reasonably priced and hard wearing:

My dark fairy

My dark fairy

I love this hair clip by Restyle (the Key to Wonderland) which I bought some time ago – though a word of warning about Restyle’s clips – they tend not to be particularly hard wearing and I was gutted when my Mechanical Moth slide disintegrated after 2 or 3 wears. The Gothic Shop were brilliant and refunded me immediately, but the soldering on the Restyle products is not brilliant. That said, I do love Restyle’s affordable and pretty necklaces and bracelets as the poor woman’s alternative to Alchemy Gothic.

Just pretty!

Just pretty!

Finally, there’s my S.O.P.H.I.E. wristband. I am in awe of Sylvia Lancaster, Sophie’s mother, who turned tragedy into something positive as she campaigns to stamp out prejudice, hatred and intolerance everywhere in her daughter’s name. Sophie Lancaster was kicked to death for being a ‘Weirdo, Mosher, Freak’ by a gang of teenagers. Instead of retreating into grief and bitterness she has created the most wonderful tribute to her daughter with the educationally and anti-bullying focused Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

In memory of Sophie

In memory of Sophie

Through the charity it has become a hate crime in parts of the UK to abuse or attack people on the basis of them belonging to an alternative culture. The Foundation’s work is ceaseless. As a charitable grant assessor, you have to stay impartial (and I have never assessed a grant for this charity as it is based out of my working area). However, in your heart you know who is doing an outstanding job for the right reasons – and these guys are stand outs.

Until tomorrow folks.


9 thoughts on “Red & Black Day 5: Comfort

    • Thank you. The flash made them more cherry red than they actually are (plus I’d just put dubbin on to protect from the rain which makes them more shiny); they are more matt in natural light. They are also supremely comfortable. That said, it’s starting to get a little too warm for Docs now 😦

  1. Good to know about Restyle – I often admire their work but have never bought a piece (yet). I couldn’t agree more about Sylvia’s work! I follow S.O.P.H.I.E on Facebook and am constantly amazed at their tireless efforts.

    • It’s an amazing Foundation. I’ve linked to Simon Armitage’s poetry that was written for a BBC radio docu-drama, in which Sylvia talked about Sophie’s death, with the poetry woven in. It is the most heartbreaking story, and made me admire this woman so much.

      I hope I’m not being hard on Restyle, they do have some lovely products at good prices – but I can only speak from experience (I also had problems with the mini bat hair clips but that might just be down to the sheer volume of hair I have!). I have several of their necklaces and love them, and they’ve ben much better made.

  2. I love your hair pin! I also own a pair of Docs. It took a while to break in but most comfortable shoes I own. I have been wearing Docs since I was 16. My first pair lasted over 10 years!

    • 🙂 I think my first pair lasted that long as well. My mum wouldn’t let me have them, so first thing I did at 18 when I went to uni was buy a pair. Along with an ankle length green suede coat that came to a sticky end following an incident with a creme egg..

      These are actually shoes, so quite deceptive. Unlike my last pair of standard DMs which took months to break, the shoes have been a dream to wear.

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