Mid summer. The perfect evening to take my Dad home to Rowlands Gill, where he is now under the watchful eye of the Red Kites in the Derwent Valley, in a beautiful grass meadow filled with pink clover and buttercups, bordered by holly and oak trees. Sweet and fitting that he lies within the holly’s protection.

Requiescat in pace et in amore.



5 thoughts on “Farewell

    • I think he will be at peace there. It was the place he kept returning to, and he loved it’s beauty. He could watch the red kites from his window, and the day of his funeral, when the cortege left his estate and paused on the road, two came down and dipped their wings by the hearse. It was a rather beautiful thing to see, as if they were saluting him. I’d have thought I’d imagined it, but everyone else saw it.

      As we left the valley on Sat night a kite was watching us from the highest point, and we could hear it calling across the valley. It was good to take him home.

      • That’s beautiful! And if it’s close enough you can visit if you want, that will be nice for you as well when you are there. 🙂

        My father is buried in a military cemetery here in California. It’s a beautiful and peaceful site, but he and his wife were in the middle of a divorce when he died, so since they were still technically married, she is buried next to him. It’s a good thing they weren’t buried according to ancient Egyptian beliefs in the afterlife, or there would be SO much noise and arguing going on over there that the other ‘residents’ would complain! 😉

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