I’ve not vanished; however I am rather besieged by summer maladies. It reaches the stage every year where the misery of hayfever eventually drives me to drink! Then I go on Ebay and squander all my hard earned pennies on frivolous frocks. Below is my latest purchase – somewhat blurry of focus as the photographer was also a little merry at the time! I do have better pics of the dress but I look like a lunatic…

One merry gothling...

One merry gothling…

The frock cost me £10 on Ebay, which wasn’t bad considering it retails new for £45. I really have to stop buying Hell Bunny frocks though, I’m supposed to be selling them! This is the Petal, with my Doc Martin Darcy’s, old black underbust corset & velvet jacket.

Him Underfoot is also on leave this week, so I’ve not had time to read other blogs. Normal service shall be resumed next week when I hope to be joining the Bat Fit revolution with the Curious Professor Z!

(Oh, go on – here’s a clearer pic – note my demonstration of my double jointed elbows…)

My elbows are freaky!

My elbows are freaky!


6 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. A quick note from him under foot. Hayfever and drink eventually drives me to frivolous frock buying too xx

  2. ROFL!!! Hope your hay fever calms down soon. I used to have SUCH trouble with that; when I was growing up I was even allergic to Christmas trees!

  3. Oh, these pictures are adorable, you look so cute and merry and that`s a great thing…! 😉 I also like to post some derpy, fun photos every now and then. ^^ As for the outfit, U must admit, that I’m absolutely not a Hell Bunny kind of girl myself, but this dress suits you a lot. 🙂

    • Thank you! I appreciate that Hell Bunny can be seen as quite ‘mall rattish’ and kind of starter goth, but the proportions of their dresses (particularly the HB Black range) fit me really well – which is unusual when you are 5 foot tall, with a small waist, teeny shoulders but a generous butt & hips. So I have rather more of them than I actually need – mostly Ebay purchases as I do think they are expensive new.

      And ‘derpy’ – what a great word! I am going to steal it for future use!

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