Read the small print

Ice bucket challenge. All for charity, right? Nope – originally it was created to get out of donating to ALS, a bloody awful disease that deserves every penny it raises for research and support for people with this awful disease. Now ice buckets are being dumped from high on the great and good. Has the message been lost? I suspect so. Macmillan have rather naughtily suggested it was their idea in the first place. I’m not getting into the politics; what I will say is that I worked with some brilliant charities, and the ones that I choose to donate to are not the ones that give me the highest social media status.

So Mine and Him Underfoot’s current status to anyone even remotely considering “nominating” us for the ice bucket challenge? The House of No Seasons and it’s grumpy gothic residents are saying ‘BUGGER OFF’.
Computer Says No

Computer Says No

It’s great that social media can raise awareness. It’s great that it raises money. But the cynic in me watches people strip to their soggy short and curlies with no intention of donating, just to flex those perfect pecs, and thinks, no thanks. This mass produced self gratification just ain’t for me. 



5 thoughts on “Read the small print

  1. I was a tad worried I’d been a little bit of a grump about this but it’s surprising how many people on FB have actually agreed with me. The ones who have done it have remained resolutely silent. Think the whole thing started with good intentions but descended into mass gratification. Ho hum.

  2. Well, Batman always knows best…! 😀
    Seriously, I couldn’t agree more; most people think the ice bucket challenge is supposed to be some fun pass it on game…:/

    • I think that’s why I was getting wound up with it. My husband’s work feed was full of people ‘taking THEIR’ challenge but not one of them mentioning what it was in aid of – just generally swearing and in several unfortunate cases stripped to their underwear. Since I lost it slightly on social media I have noticed that friends of mine who’ve done it have subsequently stated who they are doing it for and the text number for donating. Which is great, because it takes the message back to what it was originally set up for (that, and the fact that the sensation of the ice is meant to feel how someone with Motor Neurone Disease as we call it in the UK) feels sensation wise.

      However, some staggering sums of money have been donated all across the world, so those that have donated have done a great job. There’s a guy who runs marathons with a fridge on his back trains near where I live – if something catches human interest who am I to judge?!

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