Whitby Goth Weekend Halloween 2014

So, Whitby has been and gone. Hmmm. It was an odd one. We travelled down the Wednesday prior to the main weekend events, car packed to infinity and beyond – and I admit I had a few too many pairs of boots! Moved into our flat (gorgeous harbour views), then started the obligatory dog settlement programme. Which failed. The old bird was having none of it, even though she’s been coming with us to Whitby for years. Thanks to the delightful folks setting off bangers on the beach throughout the next 5 nights right in front of our flat she spent the week in a state of absolute panic, which led to a very explosive stomach situation and chronic separation anxiety. At the grand old age of 13 she’s becoming quite fragile, and as she is the delight of our twilight years her needs had to come first. So of the 9 bands playing over the weekend, we saw 2. Every time we got ready to go out on a night time the fireworks started. I can honestly say I would like to stuff a crate of bangers up the behind of anyone who thinks it’s funny to start at 6pm and then fart on until 3am. We watched a lot of weekend reality shows…

Grrrrr! Argggggh!

Grrrrr! Argggggh!

The ‘dog situation’ was compounded by the fact that Whitby was unbelievably busy. This was out tenth year at the festival, and easily the most crowded we’ve experienced. Our partially sighted grumpy old dog hates crowds, and she effectively became housebound for 4 days. She hated it. We felt crappy leaving her indoors. We hated not being able to get anywhere in less than half an hour (when it should have taken 10 minutes), and all the delays led to more time that she was left and that we worried. This isn’t my photo, but this shows the log jam on the bridge that connects the two sides of the town, and which we had to cross to get to official events:

Whitby bridge crowd Autumn 2014

Whitby bridge crowd Autumn 2014

We will never put the dog through this again. Hell, we’ll never put ourselves through it again. Next year is probably off the agenda anyway as we are completely poor.Effectively we ended up with a ‘pocket’ festival – 2 hours out here, 2 hours out there – all very disjointed.

However, there were some great moments in the holiday; it wasn’t all gloom. It was lovely to spend 2 straight weeks with Him Underfoot actually underfoot!  We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on Halloween in the lovely Moon & Sixpence on the harbour, with food so gorgeous we had to return (with the dog!) the following Tuesday. We met old friends, and made new. Bad Pollyanna were utterly awesome (though we missed Voltaire, who didn’t come on stage until 1am apparently).

Him Underfoot bought me gorgeous green amber earrings from W. Hamond, my favourite jewellery shop who had excelled themselves in decorating their exterior:

W. Hamond Whitby - Bats & Spiders everywhere oh my!

W. Hamond Whitby – Bats & Spiders everywhere oh my!

We also indulged in the most amazing fudge in Justin’s Chocolates – I so wish we’d taken a better picture of their chocolate halloween window display complete with coffins – unfortunately the only one we have is this cheesy pic of me getting overexcited! (Oh, and I had majorly sore feet so had to retreat to my oh-so-comfy converse…).

Let me in....let me in....!

Let me in….let me in….!

Monday & Tuesday my mum & step dad joined us for fish & chips in the harbour, and then we took Sally to the pub (free gravy bones in the Little Angel keeping her sweet).  Tuesday was Sally’s Grand Day Out – the crowds had gone, it was a beautiful if very chilly day, so we took her for lunch and wine in the harbour, followed by another trip to the pub. That was the one night the little blighter slept right through…. Some other random pictures…:

Miss Angsty Pants

Miss Angsty Pants

The 2 Sweeps & Wolfie getting acquainted

The 2 Sweeps & Wolfie getting acquainted

View from Moon & Sixpence on Sally's Grand Day Out (wine glasses not in view!)

View from Moon & Sixpence on Sally’s Grand Day Out (wine glasses not in view!)

About to hit the shops, oh my!

About to hit the shops, oh my!

So, a different week to what we expected – still lovely as I was with the people (and mutt) I love most in the place I love best – but not sure if we’ll be repeating the experience next year.


7 thoughts on “Whitby Goth Weekend Halloween 2014

    • Aw thank you, I love the grrr argh! picture, though quality is not great as it was taken on my tablet. She was okay when we were with her, but she is getting quite frail now so needs more company than when she was younger. In the past we’ve been able to take her on lovely beach walks, but there were just too many people. Still had fun though!

  1. What a bummer it was so crowded, and I LOATHE noisy fireworks that go on forever for no reason! I will gladly help you shove those crates up whoever and wherever you want to put them! ::evil fangy grin::

    So sorry that your dog had such a bad time, too, but glad she did have some good days as well. You are good doggie parents!

    • I know it’s daft to structure your break round the dog but that’s just us! The festival fell over a school holiday, and there was a real upsurge in victorian day trippers promenading about surrounded by hordes of photographers. It all adds to the atmosphere but it can get a bit crazy and competitive. Think we’ll do the april festival next time as it’s always after the easter holiday and a bit less full.

      • I don’t think it’s daft at all, we’ve done similar things for similar reasons. They’re our children, our babies, and that’s what family does! I’d forgotten there are TWO Whitby weekends, sounds like a good idea to attend the other one next time instead. And I’m STILL jealous that you get to go and I don’t… 😉

  2. I love your outfits! Wow, it was crowded, maybe I will go to Whitby on NOT that weekend, so it is less busy. Did that make sense? Ha ha.

    Poor doggy! I know most dogs do get very stressed at fireworks! Poor thing! I hope when I have my own dog one day I will be able to take her or him on some trips.

    • Thank you, I love the purple and black skirt, the flowers are actually little skulls but you can’t make them out. Stupidly I didn’t have a pic taken of my Friday night dress (1950’s fit and flare style with feathers and a graveyard print round the hem), which I love – gives me a reason to wear it again!

      And yes, going in April definitely makes sense. We’ve tended to go Oct / Nov because it’s our anniversary, but we had a great time the one April we did go, and the weather was warmer 🙂

      In the past we’ve been able to walk the dog more before leaving her so she would snooze but we couldn’t this year. My mum & step dad have offered to look after her for 2/3 nights if we want to go for a shorter break next year, and we’ve found a gorgeous hotel on the harbour so may do that instead.

      Hope you get there at some stage, it is good fun 🙂

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