Turquoise is the Colour!

It generally comes as a surprise to people that my favourite colour isn’t actually black. It’s blue. Many variants on blue, particularly that lovely shade of petrochemical blue darkness like the edge of the sky during a thunderstorm. Or the vibrancy of teal, that borders on green, shot through with turquoise. I have a bright blue bike and Ipod mini. My study is heritage blue, the only room in the house with coloured walls. ‘Blue’ seems far too simple a word to convey the extraordinary range of this colour.

I’ve not been buying a great deal this year – amazing what having no income for the past 8 months does to a girl’s shopping habits! It’s making me appreciate what I do get, and recently several very pretty items have come my way – mostly blue!

Firstly, my mum has bought me this beautiful Teal coat for Christmas, which is just lovely of her:

Beautiful, beautiful!

Beautiful, beautiful!

This is the Hell Bunny Millie coat and I’ve been loving this for soooooo long! I tried it on in grey last winter season, loved it but hated the colour on me. When I saw this shade I knew it was meant to be. I haven’t seen any photos that do the colour justice. It arrived on Friday and as yet I’ve not been able to wear it. I intend to rectify that over the next month.  I will say I do have a couple of grumbles about it – the finish on the button holes and the belt are not as I’d expect from a Hell Bunny garment (the belt in particular is shoddy, and I’m intending to replace it asap). Also, sizing – HB are driving me nuts with poor sizing. I’d tried this on from A/W 13/14 season and it fitted me perfectly as a small (I’m a UK 10/12). My coat is about a size larger than last year’s model, and whilst that leaves me plenty of room for jumpers I’m a bit irked as it sits a little large on my frame. I don’t want to incur the cost of returning it to Attitude as it’s not their fault it’s bigger than expected – and I am no one’s definition of an extra small! That said, HU thinks it looks lovely (he likes me wrapped up!), and I do adore it, so it’s a keeper – and Hell Bunny are considering replacing the belt as I type.

Recently one of my short stories won me £25 worth of book tokens. I wanted to use them for a book for keeps, and having read a review of ‘Tales of the Marvellous and News of the Strange”, a mediaeval Arab fantasy collection I knew this was the book for me. That said, I’m not sure about the Guardian’s review linking it to Fifty Shades…!! Published by Penguin, it is a visual delight despite my poor photography:

Blue Book Beautiful

Blue Book Beautiful

I am so looking forward to reading this next year. My folk tales and fairy tales shelves are starting to look rather pretty, and I intend to spend some quality time with them next year.

My mum deciding that I needed cheering up and bought me this rather beautiful thing – a new cushion for my reading chair:

Too pretty to sit on!

Too pretty to sit on!

Again, justice has not been done to my beautiful silver, blue & green peacock – it is far too pretty for me to slump on!! I think she found this lovely item in Marks & Spencers, of all places. The chair was found in a back lane and reclines, it could do with re-covering but I kind of like it as it is.

Finally, I did treat myself to two necklace charms when I was supposed to be Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago. The Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle has a lovely gift shop and whilst I was buying a beautiful poppy vase for my Aunty, these fell into my sticky little mitts. They are made by Pick Up Sticks, and can be found in the UK at Notonthehighstreet.com – but they are waaaay more expensive there (£39 each, faints!). Mine cost £11 which is a considerable difference.

Tiaras Make Me Taller!

Tiaras Make Me Taller!

The background is the endpapers from my new book. I couldn’t decide between the two (I must Make Art or Throw a Hissy Fit! being the one one on the right), so ended up with them both. They have different mottos on the back as well, and are the size of a decent locket. I love them! They look amazing with Victorian governess necked dresses and tops.

Queen of Courage

Queen of Courage (reverse of Tiaras..)

So all in all I’ve been a little bit spoilt, and it’s not even Christmas yet. I’m starting to look forward to the festivities despite missing the first batch last week and over the weekend due to illness. The decorations have been brought downstairs, cards written, presents bought and my best friend is coming to stay at the weekend for 2 nights and an indoor champagne party! Him Underfoot has been an absolute darling, and I am feeling much loved. Seasons greetings to you all.

New tree fairy, Christabel

New tree fairy, Christabel


5 thoughts on “Turquoise is the Colour!

  1. That is a really pretty coat! The colour is great! It is a shame their sizing is off, at least it was bigger instead of too small!

    Yes, yes, read more faerytales!

    I love that your faery is named Christabel, from the poem, right?

    • Yes! She just looked like a Christabel. I’m going to buy her a friend today, there’s a lovely florists round the corner from me which the owner has basically turned into a fairy dell, you would love it. I can’t stop buying things in there – I also have a witch hanging from my ceiling light which HU bought me (apparently we look similar…!). And cinnamon candles, I need cinnamon candles for Christmas day 🙂

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