Bat Fit 2015

Bat Fit 2015

Bat Fit 2015

So lovely Professor Z has once again kickstarted her Bat Fit challenge for 2015, with the theme of nourishment. I confess to barely remembering my BF goals for 2014 – everything was washed away in a tide of emotion and grief and I am hoping that 2015 won’t follow a similar pattern.

So my goals are modest, and tend towards positive achievements rather than any ‘losses’ as such. I have a few personal goals I’d like to achieve next year, some of which are time specific which for me is a good thing, because I am a dreadful starter-finisher! Let us begin…

Write More

I like to write. Crumbs, it’s even the goal of my sabbatical to write a second novel – and preferably one which is better than the first! I spent the past few months researching the topic and the time frame, and I now have a good basis on which to start writing. I have my characters, setting, and the bones of the story line. I have a pristine new journal within which to blot my fountain pen. The time frame for the long hand version is the six months between January and June, with a transfer to type to be completed by the beginning of September. I have taken the plunge and booked up for the wonderful Moniack Mhor writing residential again at this stage, and have the perfect tutors to run through my particular issues (particularly dialogue). All good!

I also wish to keep improving my short story writing and submissions. One published, one prize winner in 2014 – I’d like to build upon this and have 2 clear goals to submit to between January & March. I really benefit from structured one off writing sessions with good tutors, so I’m looking out for some to attend asap. Nourishment for the mind!

My study is looking a little degenerate at the moment, so my plan for Monday (when Him Underfoot returns to work!) is to strip it all out, clean head & toe and re-establish my desk as a proper writing tool rather than book dumping ground! Once this is done I am pledging to write daily on weekdays, something I’ve been a little slack about doing recently…


Swim & Walk More

Two things I love to do, yet don’t do enough of. Since Miss Sally has become a biddy dog I’ve not been able to walk her very far, and my own mileage has dropped accordingly. Swimming is brilliant for getting that back up, there’s a 2.4 mile walk home along the seafront & with a cafe pitstop en route. It’s perfect!  There are also several local museums and art galleries I want to visit in the new year, and if I go into the city it is a wonderful place to walk around, admiring the beautiful old buildings of my home town. These may sound like small goals, but they are both achievable and enjoyable.


Complete Dry January

Dry January is run by UK charity Alcohol Concern, who encourage people to make a pledge to abstain from alcohol for one month after the excesses of Christmas. Well, I still have New Year to go and I can’t wait to start the pledge on the 1st. I completed this pledge just fine in 2014 before falling down the neck of many wine bottles when my dad died in February and onward. In 2015 I want to be more controlled with my alcohol consumption and this is a great way to start.



There are several outstanding DIY projects at my house. Firstly my bathroom is a disaster zone. It was scheduled for a full make over the weekend HU and myself became ill, so never happened. However we have all the materials in ready for action, and I can kick start it all on my own – I’ll leave ceilings for the six footer in my life though!

My gardens (front & back) are very small. They are home to nesting birds every year, and have some lovely plants. However, they have also had a roof dropped on them in the past 18 months. I am still finding bits of scaffolding in the clematis! They’ve been completely neglected, and I want to take some time to look after what is already there (my roses in particular are lovely but need some TLC), and to add to it all sympathetically and in such a way that the wildlife remain happy. I never use pesticide or weedkiller – the local blue tit families get too much joy from coming down en masse and feasting on aphids on my roses. All the wooden furniture and gates need some maintenance for spring. Think this one will keep me busy!

The hall & vestibule suffer dreadfully from having a large hairy dog slurking round corners and shaking everywhere. She likes to lie contorted around the skirting boards, and frankly everywhere is very grubby. Time for a make over. And of course, all this painting should get me a bit fitter!



This year I have depended upon the people I love the most to hold me up and carry me through some of the worst times. I want to be able to give back to them as much as possible during 2015. This includes looking after Him Underfoot a little better. If that sounds very 1950’s housewife, it isn’t! He’s been ill, works like a donkey in a full time post and has just set up his own business. I don’t work at the moment – but what I can do is make sure he doesn’t have to worry about the house, the bills, cooking & cleaning etc. I am signing up for free small business courses in how to do book keeping and accounts, taxes etc, so that he can concentrate on working for his actual business clients and try not worry about all of these concerns.  It’s a good learning experience for me and I have the time to do it. I want to make sure that when he gets home after a 10 hour working day that he’s eating right – which helps me in turn by cooking healthier meals. Win-win all round!

So this is my starting point for 2015. I’m sure some of these will drift, mutate, be neglected etc, but if I can stick to this roughly as a plan then I’m hoping to be in a better, more productive place by this stage next year. And frankly, if I squander this opportunity to complete novel no 2 then I need a great big kick up the backside! Hmmm….!


10 thoughts on “Bat Fit 2015

    • Thanks Sylvie. It’s been an exceptionally soggy December over the past 10 days so I’m feeling the need to detox pronto. HU & I are celebrating New Year at 12 noon in our favourite restaurant with a bottle of wine and tapas, and then probably more wine and pudding and then it’ll be into our DJ pledge. We’ll be asleep as the clocks hit midnight, neither of us has any stamina for staying awake!

      I did find DJ really helpful for kickstarting the year but it’s amazing how many naysayers we came across who tried to sabotage us along the way (my brother being a particularly bad influence…). I think we made it through because we were both doing it and supporting each other – which we are doing again.

  1. My plans for this year definitely include writing. I enjoy waslking as long as there is nature around but it’s too hot at the moment! Good luck with your goals! I hope next year will be a better one !

  2. I’m so sorry for the loss of your Dad. I’m in the same boat as you: my drinking is completely out of control. While I haven’t pledged anything, I have made a promise to my close friends and family that I will be dry for the entire year. I’ll participate in the champagne toast at my brother-in-law’s wedding, the toast for my own graduation, and *maybe* have some seasonal beers in the fall. But that’s it. So far, so good.

    Good luck with your goals! Sending you lots of love and healing for this New Year.

    • Thanks Franny, much appreciated. I admire your resolve to dry all year excepting special occasions. My father was an alcoholic, though to his credit he hadn’t drank for 26 years before he died, but it makes me wary of becoming too alcohol dependent (I think you mentioned something similar runs in your family).

      Just cleaned the study out for the writing quest starting next week 🙂

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