Welcome, 2015

So what has been to date the worst year of my life is over. I am beyond happy it’s 2015. So why did I wake up in an unholy snit this morning?! Absolutely brim full of sputum and temper I was. For no apparent reason. Poor Him Underfoot!  Given that we don’t really celebrate NYE and were tucked up in bed completely sober by 9.30pm I didn’t even have a hangover as an excuse. Yet that’s what it felt like I had…

Hmmm…I suspect this is the tag end of the alcoholic food coma that we spent last week in! We haven’t had a drink since Sunday. Dry January is now upon us, and the wine bottles sing their siren song from the kitchen wine rack. Well, no one said it was easy! I suspect boredom plays a large part in our falling into the bottle; we’ve been for a short walk to try to alleviate the crick in my conky neck today but the weather was turning pretty nasty on the coast and we’ve retreated behind closed curtains again.

Perhaps there is something unbalancing the humours in the waters in these parts – I rang my lovely Aunty, normally the chirpiest person I know, and she confessed SHE’D also woken in a snit! We’ve laughed it out together, she’s had a gin and tonic (pah!), I had an Earl Grey tea and now both feel much better.

Happy new year, then. May 2015 be a much more peaceful, stable, happy and healthy time for everyone. I’m a little scared about keeping myself motivated and achieving my goals, but I have the greatest team of cheerleaders in the world shouting me on in my lovely family. Here’s waving at you all:

New Year's Day Me!

New Year’s Day Me! x


5 thoughts on “Welcome, 2015

  1. Hear, hear! OUT with the bad old year, in with the good 2015!! That was the worst year of MY life as well, so we DESERVE a great year in 2015, yes? YES!!

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