Round Up!

So the first full week of January is over, and I’m snug in my study and rather happy with what I’ve achieved this week. Short story submitted to competition (no hope in hell, but shy bairns get nowt…), second short story at second draft phase for submission in March (and this one came completely out the blue during a free writing exercise I set up on Monday), small writing biog written, heaps of novel research done, and the first draft of the opening chapter written longhand though I’m experimenting with point of view and tenses at the moment and it may very well transmogrify into something completely different. Boy my hand has been aching this week! It’s had a formidable workout, even if the rest of me hasn’t!

I also read Amy Tan’s interesting, beautifully written but flawed The Joy Luck Club (8 narrators in one slim volume makes Jane a crazy woman!) and I am half way through Nathan Filler’s The Shock of the Fall. Sometimes you don’t expect anything of a book, then you open it and before you know it, it’s 1:30am, your eyes are on stalks and you’ve read half a book. Well, when this blog post is up and running I’m going to fall into the second half 🙂

Not so tidy now...!

Not so tidy now…!

Dr January has so far been great, no temptation or inclination to drink even though we are going out for tea today (it’s the kind of day that begs for fish finger sandwiches and chunky chips, the weather is rather wild here on the coast). I’m hoping the month stays this calm and pleasant though I know in my bones it’s unlikely…that is just now how life is.

I’ve been listening to the Eden House, Within Temptation and Imelda May this week. I watched the film of The Help, a book I’d read a couple of years ago about the intertwining lives of black maids and their white employers in America during the 1960s.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book; rather unusually the film was even better. I did find myself getting a little teary at points and the acting is superb throughout by all involved. Him Underfoot and I watched Guardians of the Galaxy – fast, fun, daft and enjoyable. Oh, and the delightfully bonkers and utterly silly guilty pleasure that is Revenge has just started again. Bellisimo!

Have a great weekend folks.


3 thoughts on “Round Up!

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy was fun! It took me a little while to get into it, but then I couldn’t stop laughing!

    Great job with all the writing, I’ve been feeling a little uninspired myself!

    The Joy Luck Club is a great book. As someone who grew up with a Chinese mum I can tell you a lot of the mother daughter clashing generation stuff rings really true!

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