Good Things

The Curious Professor Z made a Bat Fit suggestion regarding the creation of a happy things jar. Now I am an epic fail at remembering to do anything like this, despite thinking it’s a cute idea. I was vaguely reminded by a slot on This Morning (generic TV magazine programme for those overseas), literally this morning, when the world’s oddest counsellors suggested something similar, though in the form of a wall board or by donging a very large bell once a day to announce GOOD NEWS!

The only bell in our house..!

The only bell in our house..!

I’d just been distracting Him Underfoot from his home working by invading the dining room to watch the birds in the back yard having a squabble. I love these birds. They turn up every year and cause chaos. I was standing grinning like a loon out of my window, one hairy rug dog equally fascinated beside me, when I recalled the ‘good things’ mantra. So here’s some good things that have happened this month. Would be nice if I made it a regular monthly thing, but given my butterfly attention span it’s unlikely!

  • The aforementioned birds. Firstly I heard the drainpipe sparrows yelling at me dementedly when I put the rubbish out. The little male was bouncing up and down in fury in his favourite rainwater goods pipe. Then I noticed the blackbirds. Every year we have a nesting pair, and usually the female has a white collar to her throat which is quite unusual. This year she is back, and she had 3 male suitors with her. Cue much puffing of chest and strutting up and down the garden furniture, on the shed roof, rather amusingly with the sparrows strutting along beside them. They all had a good swagger on. Mrs B just sat like an ice queen in the rosemary bush and let them pose. I suspect there will be little tennis ball shaped feathered balls of joy stotting about the yard again from March onwards. This makes me very happy indeed 🙂  (and sorry about the monster hands reflection in the photo below)
One of last year's little baby blackbirds

One of last year’s little baby blackbirds

  • A clean house. How sad am I?! My mum & step dad are due here soon – therefore the house has been polished from top to bottom as my mum has many fine qualities, but she cannot tolerate a dirty house! I hate cleaning, but now it’s done I can sit back and enjoy the feeling of smugness. And the fact the house now smells of lavender and cinnamon.
  • A good book. I’ve read a few books this year, some for pleasure, some for research. I am absolutely loving Dressed for War 1914 – 1918 by Nina Edwards. It’s a broad overview of both civilian and military dress during World War 1, mostly focused on the UK but also touching on wider European and American uniforms. For an academic book it is beautifully written and has some lovely phrasing. It’s taking me a while to read it because I have to keep stopping, marking up pages and transcribing ideas down. Normally I skim academic books but I’m savouring every world of this one. It’s beautifully complimented by the History Wardrobe’s Great War Fashion which has some excellent photographs. Both super books, but for content I’d ever so slightly go with Nina Edwards book.
  • As an aside from this, Lucy Adlington’s History Wardrobe has just announced 3 events in my area. Jane Austen’s Girls of a certain era, clothing from Titanic and Gothic for Girls will be visiting my local library over the next year. I am gutted that I will actually be in Inverness for Gothic for Girls, but looking forward to the other 2 shows. These are fun, informative and interactive events, showcasing many original clothes from the period and talking about the evolution of women’s fashions both as decorative and practical wear. UK based only I’m afraid, but well worth catching a show if you can. So, happy events to look forward to!
The History Wardrobe in action

The History Wardrobe in action

  • My beautiful new Alice in Wonderland mug from Whittards. Technically this is a birthday present so shouldn’t be in my clutches yet. However my lovely mum has let me have it early.  They have a gorgeous matching teapot that I am trying to avoid looking at…!
Love the key handle!

Love the key handle!

  • Miss Sally. Just because the old boot is glorious in every way a dog should be. Long rule Emo Dog!
Beautiful woozy snoozy old girl

Beautiful woozy snoozy old girl

  • Bat Fit progress – I’ve not had an alcoholic drink since the 29th December. I’d like to say I feel healthier but as yet I’m feeling anything but. Still, its early days and I haven’t succumbed, next week I need to work on the exercise element of my goals. So I’ve made a little progress, (mark this one as a ‘B’, could do better!)
  • Creative writing. I’d been struggling with a key character for my novel. I had two of the 3 mains pinned down, knew who they were, where they were going etc, but the 3rd was being annoyingly elusive. Then BAM!  A local history library book on the Pitman Poet Tommy Armstrong provided the key. And lo! Alex was born, along with the scenarios that introduce him as a character and link him up nicely our protagonist Hettie. What a relief. Now I just have to write it! (And no, he’s not a pitman poet!).

So, this is me playing the glad game. Next week I need to settle back down at my desk and re-write the novel’s opening chapters in a different voice, as I’m not quite there with the tone. Fingers crossed the weather will have ceased the evil high winds and I’ll be able to venture out without fear of an asthma attack and get back in the pool. Have a great weekend folks.


6 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. We get a lot of birds in our garden in this time of the year too. Fortunately Figgy adores them and sits and meows at them in the garden. Bree doesn’t quite know what to make of them yet. Sadly one of the consequences of having a puppy is that my house is never clean, or if it is it doesn’t last long!

    My sister bought me that Alice in Wonderland mug for Christmas. It’s lovely. I am also tempted by the matching teapot, which is unfortunate as I will also want to buy hot chocolate if I venture in there!

    • The teapot is a thing of great loveliness. I *may* have waved it at Husband Underfoot as a giant hint! We also managed to come out of Whittards with dark chocolate – there are so many nice things in store.

      Yes, puppies do make a lot of mess, and I have a giant hair ball that sheds everywhere so I’m not expecting the cleanliness to last!

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