Working Day

Today’s working pattern: coffee, write 100 words, tea, write 50 words, chocolate, delete paragraph, more tea, consult thesaurus for the meaning of ‘canticle’, more chocolate, delete the word canticle, check word count, despair, eat goats cheese panini, type 5 words. Repeat.

A WW1 Princess Mary gift tin, the focus of my story

A WW1 Princess Mary gift tin, the focus of my story

Oh, and I missed out the obligatory ‘scratch the dog’s ears every 5 minutes’ routine! Still, I have finished the second draft of a short story, Memory Tin, which I am reasonably happy with though there are some phrasing clangers that need serious editing. Now it goes in the ‘marination’ cupboard for 2 weeks, before emerging into the ‘annihilation edit’ phase and then winging it’s merry way off into the competition abyss.

My ageing hands have fastened of their own volition onto the box. I call the blue knots River Danube, much to the amusement of my grandchildren but really I can’t bear them, these vulnerable tunnels that expose my secret insides. Their fragility scares me.


8 thoughts on “Working Day

  1. Oh, my… You have hit on EXACTLY the feeling I will have when my hands start showing their veins like that. I have always dreaded the physical signs of aging on myself, although it doesn’t bother me to see them on others. Perhaps because it is a sign that I have passed the halfway mark, the point of no return, and no one really believes they are growing old until they SEE it.

    • Hands are a funny thing, I have quite a youthful face (probably cos it’s a little plump) but I can see my age in my hands. I remember being told in school that I had strange little hands, and not unkindly but by someone who looked puzzled by them. Now I can see the blue tracery in them becoming more prominent (and I have very pale skin so it really does stand out), and I’m not that keen on it, I have to admit. I think that was what I was reflecting on. That’s just the opening paragraph, it gets steadily worse from that point onwards!

      • Errrr… I don’t know if I’d want to read something THAT depressing… or write about it, either! 😉

  2. I couldn’t help commenting on this; my boyfriend’s 48 his hand are so soft, and youthful looking with no sign of age. In comparison to myself my hands look aged with increasing prominent veins and ligaments partruding

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