Update: Accentuate The Positive

This is sort of a semi-Bat Fit update, semi-life update. To be honest, I’m struggling this week. Husband Underfoot reassures me it’s perfectly normal – the first anniversary of my Dad’s death is on Friday – and I’m having difficulty sleeping. Hell, I’m having difficulty smiling if I’m honest. So I’m looking to this post to think about some positives.

With regards to Bat Fit goals, I completed my first proper aim – to make it through Dry January. In all, I didn’t drink for 5 weeks. I was completely ready for the break, I will be honest and say that I’ve drank in this month already, and I fully expect to end Friday in a red wine haze to get through the day. I’m not going to beat myself up about it; rather I’m looking towards repeating the ‘dry’ month routine in March as a goal. I’ve been sharply reminded over the past week that I hate hangovers (and it doesn’t take much to give me one).

The weather has been good enough to allow me to get out walking a little more; I need to up the exercise regime but again I’m giving myself leeway until the start of March. This may sound like a cop out, but honestly, right now all I really want to do is crawl under a blanket and hide from the daylight. Any form of social interaction is good, any form of leg engagement equally so.

I look like a degenerate hippy. Eyebrows are streaking heavenwards, hair is almost to my waist and all ratty ends. Enough already! Wax bought today, appointment at the salon booked for next week. I LOVE getting my haircut, though it only happens about 5 times a year. I always get a scalp massage included and it just sends me drifting off skywards. My stylist can’t help but give me the pop star blow dry, all bounce and shine and girly. It’s gorgeous, but totally impractical!

I’ve been a little worried about money, particularly paying for my writing retreat so I’ve identified and washed a whole heap of stuff for Ebay that I may rather like but which I have to honestly admit either doesn’t fit or just looks horrendous on my body shape (thinking beautiful soft black velvet military style jacket here, bah…!). Tomorrow’s task is ironing, then posting. Then obsessing over my viewing counts for the next 7 days.. I’m also seriously considering selling 2 Neil Gaiman items I have which are pretty rare, but I’m dithering a little because I remember how much they meant to me when I got them.

This jacket sadly hates me :(

This jacket sadly hates me 😦

I made a start on the front garden by removing 6 bags of garden waste from roughly two thirds of it. It’s tiny, it shouldn’t produce that much crap! There’s some pretty tenacious weeds in there though, and at certain points there was also a very large dog getting stuck under shrubs! Then it snowed, so I’ve stopped for now but at least I have a clearer idea of how I want it to look. I probably would have got more done but all my neighbours kept stopping for a chat, which was nice.

'I'm helping, honest!'

‘I’m helping, honest!’

I’ve road tested my latest short story verbally and it’s now ready to leave the closet for it’s final polish before I send it off. I’m rather chuffed with how it’s turned out (and I don’t say that very often, believe me). I am behind in the novel – however I’ve been taking the time to find the correct voice and the heart of it, and now I have it I’m hoping the actual writing process will speed up. I’m also taking along an older story to Wednesday’s book group as two of the lovely folks there have requested a copy.

'Still helping Mam!'

‘Still helping Mam!’

Over the next 3 days I need to review my CV as the contracting opportunity I’ve been waiting for is finally coming up, send off Memory Tin, finish 2 research books that are lurking around my desk, tame my eyebrows, spring clean the kitchen and appliances, and write 5,000 words of the novel. And hug the dog and Him Underfoot. A lot.


4 thoughts on “Update: Accentuate The Positive

  1. Thanks guys. Had about 3 hours sleep last night so a bit woolly headed today so activities may be restricted to cleaning. With loud music. HU has taken Friday off work, and we are going to drive to my Dad’s village, and visit the place we left his ashes. Then come home and head to my favourite cafe bar on the seafront for comfort tea (fish finger sandwiches and gorgeous fat chips). It’ll be a hard day, but I keep thinking of his cheeky grin and laugh and try to remember him happy.

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