Still pootling…

Trundling on, with the reset button pressed. Realised that trying to read 5 books at once is ultimately futile! Applied for the freelance contract of my dreams (toes, fingers, all crossed) – first time I’ve ever had to us a CV in my life. Got back in the swimming pool, then scarpered into the little pool when the big guns kicked the crap outta me! Hid.

Butter wouldn't melt!

Butter wouldn’t melt!

The top in this picture, it’s a Spiral Direct one. I love the styling, lace edges round the sleeves etc, but it’s wear is limited by the fact the sheer panel is cut far too low for a short person. It’s an acceptable clubbing look, but much as I like the fetching vintage style green underwear I’m wearing here I’d prefer not to show it off in public! I have this problem a lot with gothic style tops.

Proper update will be coming along soon.

Currently: listening to Agnes Obel’s Philharmonics, Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence and Within Temptation’s Hydra; reading Justin Cronin’s The Passage, Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites (one of my favourite opening paragraphs ever), Elizabeth Speller’s The Return of Captain John Emmett and far too many research books on World War 1; watching Bones, Revenge and Elementary; wondering where spring is?!


9 thoughts on “Still pootling…

    • thank you m’dear 🙂 I’m sitting here waiting for the email of doom….! If I get an interview I get to spend a day in York, which is a gorgeous historical town. With a famous teashop called Betty’s where they do cinnamon toast and fat rascals (current buns!) with pimms…. I need a day in York regardless!

  1. Best of luck with the job!

    I have the same problem with tops. I’m still hoping for a petite gothic clothing range, which is very unlikely! You look lovely.

    • Aw thank you. I’m finding even those ranges that used to fit me (like Spin Doctor are now much more generously proportioned (don’t ask about the ongoing email argument over my Hell Bunny Millie coat sizing which is definitely far larger than the original model…). It must be even worse for you because you are so petite. It’s great that larger sizes are getting more recognition and ranges, but us small people would like some too! That said, I do like Banned’s tops and cardys, they tend to fit me pretty well.

  2. You look adorable! 😉

    Apparently, I have the opposite problem; I’m tall with small boobs and while I don’t actually wanna show cleavage or anything, most tops just look too unflattering on me in that area…:/

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, although the post is a little older and you might by this time already have your dream job! I can tell you from my experience that handling 5 books at a time is challenging, but still doable (my upper limit). But I’m in training, I rarely only read one book at a time… 😉

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