Happy World Goth Day!

From myself and Mr Poe:

Poe a go go

Poe a go go

LOVE this t-shirt by Restyle, which I just received from Poland this week directly from their site. UK retailers seemed to just be stocking the vest top version, but I do like me some arms.  You may note that the art of the selfie utterly eludes me. It’s super quality, lovely and thick and stretchy. I’m usually a medium in tees, but ordered this in large, which I’m glad about as it fits perfectly (I’m a UK size 10/12).

I’ve been gainfully under employed for a year this week. My wardrobe is starting to reflect this – I don’t buy many clothes and they tend toward the practical. I also bought this great Bettie Page tee from Too Fast (from an actual shop, Doc Blacks):

Ooooh Bettie!

Ooooh Bettie!

It’s a super tee, but was quite expensive – twice the price of Poe, and the quality isn’t as good. It is a nice soft cotton though, and I do rather love it.

I also have a thing for cardigans, and fell head over heels with this one from Banned:



It is soooo nice to wear, long sleeves but just cute as hell. Anyhow, hope you’ve all been having a great day wherever you are, and I’ll leave the last word to Poe:


5 thoughts on “Happy World Goth Day!

  1. Happy belated World Goth Day to you too…I’m still within the 8 days timeframe, right? 🙂
    I love that Poe tee! I’m thinking about ordering some t – sirts from their webshop too, but unfortunately, this is the very first positive review I’ve ever read of Restyle products, so I’m still doubting…:/

    • I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the quality is, some of their jewellery is pretty terribly made. Much better than the Too Fast one. I think I also got an excellent currency conversion rate which helped keep it cheap!

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