Gone too Soon

We woke today to terrible news. A friend of ours passed away yesterday, a sudden cardiac arrest. He was only 50 years old, and to all intents and purposes one of the more fit amongst our friend group. This makes it even more surreal that we wake to a world without him, though any premature loss is tragic.

Michael was one of life’s quiet people. A steadfast friend, a loyal, hardworking man devoted to his family. For the past 6 years he and his partner Jane strove to build their own business, working every hour they could, 7 days a week. They ran a superb deli dinner, selling locally sourced organic food, wonderful quality in a calm setting.  We saw him last, at breakfast in the store less than 2 weeks ago where I had wonderful smoked salmon and scrambled egg and we had a natter whilst Michael and Jane worked.

The last we saw, he was up ladders, arranging fragrant teas, his thoughts miles away as we left. A short, kind man with dimples, and a short sweet partner who’s grief I can only imagine is indescribable. We have sat in shock all day trying to process this loss. I can describe Michael in words, I could post pictures as others have done, but really I am at a loss as to how to process this profound sense of sadness and loss that I am currently feeling. People shouldn’t be reduced to words, to adjectives. They should be living, laughing, loving in the solid, huggable flesh. This was a death far too soon.

The world lost a gentle soul yesterday; a quality much under appreciated. Requiescat in pace et amore, Michael.


10 thoughts on “Gone too Soon

  1. I’m so sorry. The exact same thing happened to my dad…it’s hard to process, because noone can really explain it, you don’t get a reason…I wish I could do more, but I’m sending you some virtual hugs.

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