Proud to be a Geek

Since November the wonderful Den of Geek have published 3 of my articles as part of their Geeks versus Loneliness series, and I have a forth pending for next month.

Today I heard that the series has been nominated for a British Media Award 2016. I am so happy for the team behind GvL – they are amazing, caring people committed to being a ray of sunshine in other peoples’ lives. To give them a voice when they are feeling lonely, a shot of support.

The campaign had its genesis in 2015 following the sad death of Robin Williams. Editor in chief and all round lovely human being Simon Brew writes about the campaign’s creation in Big Issue:

Williams’ death had few positives but one thing it did do was bring a conversation about depression and mental health into the spotlight. If someone as rich and famous as Robin Williams could be a victim then, went the argument, it could happen to anyone. Finally, there seemed to be some acceptance that depression couldn’t be solved with a scolding and a ‘pull yourself together’. It was and is a dark, desperate disease that leaves people in its grasp feeling utterly helpless.

I stumbled across the campaign while visiting the site for my weekly Originals update. I started to converse with people via the comments section. The commentators are sweet, funny, human and endlessly supportive – and this being DoG no snark or trolling is permitted. Ever.

To then be given the opportunity to write for the campaign was rather unexpected. Again, I can only thank Simon for giving me the time and space to do so. So far I’ve written on parental addiction, living with endo and fibroids and the loss of a pet. I have an article in support of carers pending next month.

Other amazing contributors have written about recovering from assault, living with depression and anxiety. It takes on the big issues, such as suicide prevention. Some posts simply offer an arm of support for anyone who may be feeling a bit low  – these have been invaluable to me this year when I had a serious low point in January. The series is basically a big warm blanket and a mug of soup on a cold day. And it always, always gives pointers to professional organisations for further help.

Den of Geek is awesome. I feel honoured to be a part of it. Feel free to come join our community – the Star Wars updates are also great!

And guys, well done again. You’re amazing.


3 thoughts on “Proud to be a Geek

    • They are taking really positive steps to promote mental wellbeing and encouraging people to talk about their issues and seek help where appropriate. It’s nice to be part of an internet community where being nice is the norm – I wish there were more of it.

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