Season of Mists

Autumn, it’s been too long. How I have missed these cool damp mornings, the way the dew clings to the cobwebs that string my paths and clematis. The sweet soft decay of the leaves in my gardens. There’s a mist over the coast that brings me peace, a spray from the sea that catches on my clothes as I walk and sparkles in those rare rays of sun that break the clouds over the cobalt sea.

I think I’m feeling a little whimsical, a little poetic. Summer’s passing never brings me any sadness – all the summer brings me is sorrow. I doubt that will ever change. This summer has been physically rather challenging and I’m only slowly emerging from my cocoon. Some of us come out with the bats and the spiders.


I’ve been held back by ill health rather a lot this year. I haven’t blogged for a while because frankly I’ve been in a pretty dark place. I did reach out to some friends via a forum, who gave me a much needed kick in the pants, the result of which was this article on living with M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on Den of Geek.  Guys, my arms aren’t big enough to hug you all but you get the message – you’re awesome.

I did manage to complete some writing submissions: a sorrowful ghost story with sepia spirits and a slightly more gleeful story about a hand transplant recipient who finds she’s become a kleptomaniac.. Sometimes you just have to go with the story! A third submission which is still a work in progress – it’s taking me some interesting places and I’m following it when my cricked neck allows (buying new pillows seems to have helped immeasurably). Outcomes on all 3 still awaited – I’d be ecstatic if just one is successful (particularly if it’s my sepia ghosts).

I’ve been stockpiling non-fiction on ‘the female malady’ – how mental illness / perceived mental illness in women was dealt with in the Victorian / Edwardian era, along with books on prison development, victorian spiritualism and mediums, my local sanitarium as was at Gosforth, and death in the Victorian family. I have a suspicion I know where I’d like all this reading to go; it was sparked by working on the historical project in Newcastle and learning about the burgeoning role certain houses in town played in the women’s movement – and what they may have been before that role. More research to do.

Jack's Favourite Place

Little Man Jack is settling in well. He’s an absolute sweetheart but I think both myself and Husband Underfoot were not prepared for the guilt we’d feel towards Sally our first dog when we rehomed him. She’s been gone almost a year and while Jack is a member of the family in his own right, we both still miss her every single day. Jack is a super little study buddy even if he does like to coat the window in dog snot!

Next week HU and I will have been married 18 years in Halloween. Wow! We’re planning a quiet day because we are off to Whitby Goth Festival on the Thursday for a few days – I really want to see the Mission one more time. Now having a clothing dilemma – rationing my clothes and boots for the trip and four flights of stairs with no lift in the hotel is proving very hard this year. I’m kind of going for simplicity – streamlined clothes with more of a silhouette than in previous years. I’m getting a little old for flounces! Restyle goodies

I actually don’t need much for the trip – a new plum lipstick and lipliner (decent dark plum lipliner is like hens’ teeth). A new everyday bag and some hair barrettes – I actually went for Restyle products and I am really happy with what I purchased. I bought their moon child slouchy bag from Ebay which I adore, and their moon geometry and bat hair clips from Kate’s Clothing.  The hair clips are sturdy and nicely made – but they are rather large. I have a lot of hair so they are fine for me, but could be a bit heavy for other people.

So, a little update. I’m still here. Still reading everyone else’s blogs. Just been hanging back again. Now it’s autumn, maybe I’ll come out into the shadows again. All that remains is to wish everyone a wonderful season of mists.

Currently listening to The Mission’s Another Fall From Grace & The Brightest Light, reading mostly non-fiction with a historical twist, craving bacon butties and having my feet licked by an obsessive puppy..


5 thoughts on “Season of Mists

  1. Hi, Jane, it’s great to hear you blogging again, I’ve missed reading the only other alternative blogger from Tyne and Wear (as to my current knowledge). I’m sorry to hear about your plight with mental health issues, big hugs, hope your feeling better I Good luck with your written submissions, I’ll be on the look out for them. Have a great time for the Dracula Film Festival, I think next year, I may have to attend after hearing all the great reviews and drag the boyfriend kicking and screaming lol Enjoy.

    P.s missed the blog. .

    • Sadly we’re not at Bram Stoker Film Festival – that’s this weekend and we couldn’t get accommodation so opted for the goth festival instead. It was great and I would definitely go back. Only going to 1 of the 2 music nights at the festival – the Friday night line up is a bit odd. We’re staying right on the harbour in a lovely place, the Moon & Sixpence, so it’s a bit of a treat 🙂

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