A Week, Roundly

Odd little week, this first of 2017. Highs, lows, see saws and sticky eyeballs.

HUF’s hospital follow up appointments have come through and he is doing remarkably well. Far more sanguine than I would be if I had an operation looming. He’s feeling much better thanks to a rather quick diet change, and thanks to everyone who sent good wishes his way.


I figured I’d do a mini roundup post, because no doubt I will fail to do so again this year! So here goes, in line with my Bat Fit goals:

Read More – I read 2 enjoyable books this week. The Colour of Magic kickstarted my Pratchett re-read campaign and next week’s book group novel, The Loney, was an interesting read, if ultimately not particularly satisfying. I have a number of half read Kindle tomes, so I’m hoping to kill one of them off next week. It’s odd returning to a book you last read 20 years ago. I realised that Gorgeous Joe Abercrombie owes Pratchett a great debt for his career!

Write More – I’ve not done too bad, considering this week it was creative vibe, interruptus. I’ve clocked up 4,000 words of novel which gets it up and running. I’d be happy to achieve the same number for the next 12 weeks to hit the 50k mark. I hated writing the opening scene. It was like pulling my own wisdom teeth out and it really slowed me down. It’s still not quite right, but I am not letting myself be distracted from putting the words on the page. Editing can come later. Right now, I have to switch off the querulous chip of self doubt that lives in my occipital cortex and gives me regular headaches coated with self doubt.

Physical Health / Anxiety – well, let’s just say this was a bust given the worry about HUF earlier in the week. I’ve only made my step target 2 days this week – and boy, did I enjoy those 2 long walks to blow the demons out of my head. I’m not beating myself up about this as it was unavoidable. I’ve been averaging between 5 and 6k other days so it could be worse.


There has been a big clearance from the house of food that could make HUF worse. This has included sweets, chocolates and crisps, all donated to his work colleagues. I suspect we are both now in a huge sugar withdrawal phase, as well as not drinking. Wow! The crashing tiredness. The headaches. I had to have a 2 hour snooze yesterday afternoon. It does make you acutely aware of what you’re putting into your body. By default, I’m having a detox and it is wicked. That said, I’m glad I’m doing it, both to support HUF and for my own health. His operation won’t be for 8 weeks or so, so this is our way forward together.

I meet an old friend for breakfast in the neighbouring village – one of my bracing walks out. It was cold, breezy and raining along the coast and it was utterly glorious to be out walking in the elements. And I am looking forward to meeting Sarah from Northern Geordie blog next Thursday for coffee!

Not particularly exciting, to be sure. But small steps take us forward.

(And I’m in an E.E. Cummings frame of mind. Hence the quotes).


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