Stomach Agroan

I trundled off to the docs at the start of last week to get him to check out my elbow to ok it for swimming (which he duly did) and came home with some sort of stomach infection. Gah! My stomach has been playing up for a week, couple with a delightful bout of period cramp so I’ve been like a soggy dishrag for the past week.

When I slump I have a tendency to look for quick pick-me ups. If I can’t have a coffee out – and the stomach really didn’t approve – then I’ll by something small from Ebay. Um. I broke my no shopping rule and bought something BIG from Ebay. I have an old green velvet jacket that has soldiered through 7 winters now and is beginning to look utterly ropey. I’d been having a look for a like for like replacement by Monsoon (because, you know, that’s not cheating…) but ultimately ended up with a coat I wish I’d bought several years ago but didn’t. It’s not arrived yet but it’s this Spin Doctor velvet coat – made before their fabric quality plummeted (give me cotton over synthetic every time).


It wasn’t cheap, even second hand but it’s one of those wardrobe staples that you know will pay you back tenfold. I know, I know, I’m making excuses for the purchase – truth is, it’ll look fabulous with my DMs! As will the £4 pretty black Karen Millen skirt that fell out of the charity shop on my way past…

I’m feeling a little less queasy this Monday so hopefully the healthy eating will resume. Last week I survived on toast, water and black tea. Normally I eat plain digestive biscuits when my stomach goes nuclear but they are off the menu right now. I probably shouldn’t have watched Trump’s inauguration either – let’s just say my bile was rising.

I’m doing a short story reading on Thursday night, the first in a while. I am somewhat terrified. I’m not that good at public readings – HUF and my parentals will be there so I hope I don’t disgrace them. Today I need to print the story off and begin rehearsals. That means reading at the dog. He’ll be thrilled.

I’m reading a rather wonderful doorstep of a book – The Taste of Sorrow by Jude Morgan. This is a novel about the Bronte siblings early lives, with a particular focus on Charlotte. Some of it is absolutely harrowing. It’s a brilliant read, one of those books you really don’t wish to end.

So, a quiet time all round. I have been writing, submitted 2 pitches that I am waiting for news on (suspect one may be positive, one will not). Have been doing some ‘free writing’ which is producing some interesting stuff (to me, anyway!). Trundling on. It really is all I can do.


6 thoughts on “Stomach Agroan

    • I’ve been eying it up for 3 years or more! I saw someone wearing it once and had serious coat envy, but it was very expensive new. The one I’ve bought looks virtually unworn and the pockets are still stitched. I’ve tried so many times to nab one on auctions on Ebay that I just got sick and went for buy it now.

  1. Hi, I’ve finally got a secure internet connection and catching up on reading I hope your feel better. There nothing worse than a funky stomach for no reason, so hope your feeling much better or at least on the mend.

    Good luck with your reading you’ll be great, I may have to pop my head along for support.

    That coat is beautiful and I can understand the allure. I’ve broken my charity shop spending I can’t resist them.

    • We’re terrible aren’t we?! The reading is tonight, but while it’s free you have to pre-book. It may be a bit shambolic so don’t feel you have to make it. Hope you had a good break when away and catch up with you soon 🙂

  2. Sometimes spoiling yourself is the way to go, little rewards help us through. I refused to watch the Trump Inauguration. I didn’t care to hear any of what he said.
    I hope that your stomach bug passes quickly and you feel better soon! I am excited to hear what happens with your stories. I used to read out loud to my cat, Yoda, when he was still alive. I read books and my stories to him. He didn’t seem to mind.

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