Lady Flu

Don’t you just love winter and all those lurking little viruses? I am a total snot monster right now, coupled with extremely gooey eyes. Nice! I did have a bit of a mini party last week, had my first chips, pizza, muffin and alcohol of 2017 – all in 2 days. No wonder the immune system had a breakdown!


Get thee behind me Costa Salted Caramel Muffin!

It was worth it. Wore my beautiful new coat to Pizza Express in Newcastle. My friend Tish wanted to pop into Primark to buy a cardy (it was cold) en route, and I have to admit it was a little odd to be swishing through their bright lights in black velvet and Victorian boots. I confess, this is the first time I have ever been in Primark. I think we were the oldest people in there by about 20 years.

You can tell you are getting old when all you want to do is sit down, have a glass of red wine and a conversation, and find all the bars are stuffed to the rafters and your favourite alt bar has a very loud metal band on. We shuffled back to the coast to try the Lost Luggage Room in Monkseaton metro station, which is a pretty awesome place and does some lovely gins. Unfortunately it too was rammed, and while we’d found stools a very drunk man kept insisting on shoving his arse in my face and swaying drunkenly about. We abandoned there and tottered towards the house and into the rather lovely Grey’s Lounge with it’s beautiful retro decoration, soft lights and very nice drinks. It was also a haven of tranquility after the madness of everywhere else. The bar aims to provide a haven for women to go chill – and there are certainly some interesting pictures on the walls!


It was probably a bad idea buying tonic on the walk home. It was a really bad idea wearing heels (first time since November in Whitby) and my knees have completely seized Sunday morning. Boy, was I trollied! We hadn’t actually had a huge amount to drink and Tish was fairly sober, but I’d not drank for 5 weeks and recall singing along with Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is with gusto at midnight. Oh dear. Needless to say I am never drinking again…

Quick Roundup: One pitch was accepted at Den of Geek and you can read the article on Giving up the Guilt here. The story reading was excruciating and made my mum a bit emotional, bless her. I haven’t really read enough recently but have downloaded Corey Feldman’s biography to get me through the snottiness. It’s rather entertaining. And I’m taking a Facebook break for several reasons at the mo, will be back around the 14th. Sometimes you just need some headspace. And right now I need a cinnamon swirl pastry so it’s time to drag my carcass off the settee and to the shop.


2 thoughts on “Lady Flu

  1. Sounds lovely, you have my empathy, I think, I have the same strain of Lady Flu lol. I think mine is more of a snotty nose and congestion limiting my breathing capacity. I’m looking so unattractive. lol Congratulations, on your acceptance of the Geek Den. I’ll be reading after, this post.

    Fingers crossed on the rest of your pitches.

    • Thanks lovely. The second one wasn’t picked up, which is fine. I’ve also been working on something larger but am having my customary ‘this is crap’! moment! Still feeling like hell and living in my PJs.

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