I’m Only Human, After All

Got that song on the brain. Some songs become so ubiquitous that the subconscious feeds them through to whatever it is you happen to be doing. Which right now isn’t a great deal.

Last week was crazy busy socially – nice but a little exhausting. I ate a great deal of cheese. Of all the dietary restrictions we currently have, cheese is by far the hardest to avoid. This has surprised me – I would have guessed at chocolate but once the detox happened, it’s just not been a craving. The flip side of socialising is that the writing just about stopped. I’d achieved quite a bit the week before – then, end stop.

This week I’ve damaged a muscle in my ribs and have been unable to sleep, unable to sit – I feel old and I look haggard. I’m so frustrated. I have a deadline tomorrow, another next week. Sitting here, in my desk chair, is agony. I could take more codeine but I’m going to need the mother load next week for cramp and I am loath to do so before then. I also had 3 medical appointments with varying degrees of discomfort and legs akimbo last week – apparently I have a ‘fat womb’ for a petite woman so have to have more scans in April. Sigh.


There has also been a little bit of culture – we saw Northern Stage’s adaptation of Frankenstein last week. Hmmm… it was very well acted but other than the bold move of making Victor Frankenstein a Victoria, it didn’t really work for me. Either do a faithful adaptation of the original text or throw everything at it, bells, whistles, gore… There was no gore. and I really, really wanted gore. The monster was made a pitiful cripple with mummy issues. Then it just fizzled out. Huh.

We then visited the Discovery Museum (Newcastle’s science museum). This is always an interesting place to visit – we specifically went to see the Enigma machine and the exhibition on alternative futures. Fabricating Histories was essentially a small, visually pretty steampunk exhibition – the gift shop was accordingly selling The Men that will not be Blamed for Nothing merch and some rather lovely graphic novels by Bryan Talbot plus a lot of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. I did take phone pics but have scored an utter fail at uploading them from my iPhone so have borrowed this one from the Chronicle. They had taken some original Victorian clothing from their archives and mixed it up with modern day goth / steampunk items. There were two particularly beautiful dresses, a  black silk mourning gown and a purple dress, plus silk parasols that I would quite happily have absconded with (shown below).


The black & purple dresses are Victorian

Discovery is great but it wasn’t worth visiting for these 2 small exhibitions alone. Instead we got happily lost in the time archive, walking backwards through over a century of Newcastle’s history. We actually ran out of time so never made it to the upstairs exhibitions and are planning to go back. I did show HUF the Tyne & Wear Archives in which I could happily wallow for years on end. These are partially documents, ledgers, books etc – but they also surprisingly hold clothes and goods.

Now I am going to cobble myself together and head into town to post some presents and probably drink more coffee than I should. I’ll take the notebook but I’m not hopeful of doing anything vaguely productive. Actually, all I need to do today is write a short pitch and a 1 page synopsis for work in progress – which isn’t that much. Yet it looks like a mountain from where I’m crawling. I’ll get there. Possibly surfing the codeine trail, but I will get there.

Postscript: Surprisingly, my coffee & notebook session was really productive, and without codeine! I did have a bun with rather lurid pink icing on it – maybe that’s the secret to creativity? I’ve been struggling to develop my Big Bad and then – POUF! There he was, all shiny and bright and hip deep in blood.  HUF is also taking a sneaky day off tomorrow so we can go out and treat ourselves to tea & 1 bottle of wine. Please let there be curry on the specials board. Hurray! 




5 thoughts on “I’m Only Human, After All

  1. Sounds very busy, I hope your feeling better ? I’ve been really wanting to check out that exhabition after reading the Blogging Goth’s post about it, despite being at the bottom of the hill. Anyway hopefully we can meet up at some point.

    • Would be good. Paul had a sneaky day off work on Tuesday so we went then. It is interesting, but if you already know the scene there’s probably not much you’ve not seen before. I did like some of the paintings with odd heads! It’s a good museum though.

  2. I love your description of ‘Frankenstein’, very visual, that. I could just SEE the gore being squeezed out of the words as I read them… 😉

    The museum visit sounds lovely! Wish I could have gone as well. I need something like that to stir my ‘creative juices’, such as they are. And I DO hope you are feeling better by now!

    • I am, kind of, but waiting for a pelvic scan and them perhaps will be losing the whole lady apparatus! Right now I’d cheerful rip it out and feed it to the seagulls.

      It is good to sometimes just step out of yourself and go do something cultural. It’s a nice little museum, in a town of nice little cultural attractions. Sadly budget cuts at a local level are threatening a lot of it, particularly the archives which they are looking to ‘monetarise’ – horrific idea.

      • I feel that! Going through perimenopause here, so I totally agree with the ripping out part, although of course we’d both much rather it just turned itself off politely! Good luck with the scan.

        Budget cuts seem to be everywhere these days. Too bad we can’t tell the treasuries to just make more money and that would solve all the problems!

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