I’m Jane.  I  like to tell tales from my study beside the sea.

In a nutshell I am: short; dimpled; ginger; gothicly inclined; a book hoarder; have a Husband Underfoot; generally pretty sleepy. Occasionally I fall down the rabbit hole:

It's all gone a bit Alice, m'dearies

It’s all gone a bit Alice, m’dearies

The wonderful Den of Geek have published several of my articles recently.

ROOT was published in February 2013 and my story about a small boy, a sea monster and what God keeps in his pockets – Charybdis – is the opening story: 

All original content copyright Jane RM 2013 – 2017. Any quotations, poems or pictures I use I try to credit appropriately and would be happy to remove / change misgiven credits if there are any issues. 

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I have heard of Iron Press-congratulations. I’m not too far from you, I’m over in the North West. If I throw a stone, it should land in your garden 🙂

    • why thank you! Iron Press are literally around the corner from my house, I inadvertently set a story in the street where on of their editors lives. I think that helped 🙂

      * lobs stone back in your general direction

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